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Lottie’s Adventure is a vibrant chapter book mystery for preteens that emphasizes the importance of intergenerational communication and love as well as the immense value of thinking beyond cultural stereotypes. To develop a new moral code or vision, both these elements are crucial. Perhaps the most striking quality of “Lottie’s Adventure: Facing The Monster” is its powerful positive energy. Featuring a spunky 10-year-old Hispanic heroine, “Lottie’s Adventure” keeps interest high and pages turning with exciting plot twists and turns and believable cliffhangers that just keep evolving. The author allows her characters to develop very naturally, with total authenticity. There are many excellent ideas embedded in the story, not the least of which is that people, even wise adults, can learn to admit they are wrong. “Lottie’s Adventure” goes a long way towards building a viable alternative to prejudice, and for that and many other reasons, it is highly recommended juvenile reading for kids age 10 and up.

(Review from The Midwest Book Review)

A New Hero Is Born

Lottie is my kind of people. A real person. Caring, smart, savvy. She may be only a kid, but she's a great role model for anybody. And she has the most interesting, sometimes kind of scary, adventures. And she meets weird people, funny people, wacky people, serious people. Sometimes she gets herself in a pickle, but she always rises to the occasion and figures out how to get out of it. She doesn't reject the kindness of strangers either.

More than anything, Lottie is saturated with decency. She's doesn't have to be in control all the time. She can be vulnerable. She can be hurt. But she likes herself no matter what. And she likes people. All people.

If you liked A Wrinkle in Time, you'll like Lottie's Adventures as well.

DAW, Austin, Texas

It's an exciting thriller that makes you want to keep on reading.

Adam Lubbers, age 12

Hooray! I just finished reading Lottie's Adventure. Sorry it took me so long. What a delightful book!!! Growing up in a Hispanic family like Lottie, I can relate to her family life at the start of the story. It was nice to see some familiar family names. Your book is so relevant for all kids, but I think Hispanic students learn, a time to develop relationships, to help others, and to blossom. Thank you for asking me to read it. Kids reading chapter books will find its contemporary feel an easy read while diving into the adventure of a lifetime! Congrat!!

Rebecca Hoeft, Retired Teacher

Reading Lottie's Adventure was an imaginative excursion back to the heart of that warm summer day from my childhood when I quickly hopped on my bike and furiously rode down the street to save the deaf children from the evil ice cream man who came only to make fun of them. I think the spirit of Lottie lives in all of us and is celebrate in this delightful tale of innocence that know no social boundaries or limited thoughts but rather heart driven compassion!

Hailey Helm, Co-owner, Tinsel Delights, LLC

What a refreshing plot. All of the characters are so believable. Lottie seems like someone that you have known who lives across town, down the street, or maybe even your next door neighbor. We need more stories like this one that show just how important family connections are. The older and younger generations connect in such a loving way as Lottie showed so much compassion for someone not of her race or gender. How awesome! There are lots of readers, young and old, who will find this and intriguing tale.

Wanda Hasley, Retired Teacher

I loved this book! An adventurous and loveable young girl named Lottie creates chapter after chapter of exciting scenarios with a cast of characters so real they literally leap off the page. For readers, young and old alike, the masterful writing of Barbara Frances will warm your heart, delight your senses and energize your soul.

Catherine Ruivivar, Par.BP, CBP, RMT

I finished your book last night. I couldn't put it down. Because I wanted to know what would happen next! It's a charming story and I like your writing. Lottie is a very likable character, as are all the characters except those that aren't meant to be. I enjoyed grandmother's melting ambivalence. And there are certainly enough points of tension and surprising turns to keep one reading on. I particularly liked your descriptions of Hispanic family and culture. Well done!! I wish you and Lottie success.

Patricia Orlosky

Barbara Frances, the author of Lottie’s Adventure, grew up in rural North Texas, where she came to know many of the characters in her books and plays.

Ever since she first read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Barbara has loved, cherished and regarded this book and the character of Huckleberry as among the best in literature. Then as her son and daughter were growing up, she began to share this book with them; however, she regretted that her daughter didn’t have a similar model of a wise, honest, independent thinking, and humorous girl in literature. So she decided to write a modern day parallel adventure story of a girl named Lottie who can figure out how to get out of tight places, accurately size-up the character of a person, and do what’s right even if society thinks otherwise. Thus Lottie’s Adventure was born.

As an educator, theatre director and actress, she has always delighted in the art of storytelling and of bringing to life the characters in our rich heritage of literature and drama. MS. Frances is the author of several screen plays and a novel, Like I Used To Dance, published in Janaury 2016.

Barbara Frances resides with her husband in Austin, Texas where she is currently working on her next novel.

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Lottie's Adventure: Facing The Monster, is an action-packed children's book written especially for ages 8 through 14. Children will enjoy this exciting read while also improving their reading skills. Twenty nine chapters filled with twists and turns keep kids reading to discover the outcome.

Lottie, a lively ten-year old Hispanic girl, longs for something new and different in her life. Her summers up to this point have all been, more or less, the same. Then the arrival of a magical letter and a TV newscast transforms her vacation time in a high adventure.

Her great adventure includes trying to relate to a cold, estranged, and rich grandmother, freeing a kidnapped ten-year-old African American boy from a locked room, hiding him in a safe place, and then fleeing with him from a kidnapper who is always just a step or two behind.

Lottie’s Adventure: Facing the Monster has a new title and cover but it’s still the same great story described in the wonderful reviews below. Barbara is a great story teller and her skills are brilliantly reflect in this book for children 8 to 80. Get you copy now by click on the Order Now button below.

For a great read check out Barbara’s book Like I Used To Dance. It’s not a children’s book but it a beautiful family saga set in 1950’s rural Texas.

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